Why Do You Need to Accept Credit Cards?

Giving customers as many payment options as possible benefits your business as much as it does your customers. Allowing people to pay with plastic has become a requirement not only for online merchants, but also for retailers looking for cost-effective ways to increase revenue and retain customers.

Customers view the ability to pay with credit or debit cards as a basic service offered by retailers, and will question the credibility of any merchant that doesn’t offer them several payment options. If you don’t accept credit cards, for example, customers will wonder why — but only for the brief instant it takes for them to shift their business to a different merchant.

Credit and debit cards, along with other electronic forms of payment, also lead to higher merchant revenue. Study after study has established that customers paying with “plastic” spend more than those who shop with cash or checks, so merchants are well advised to accept as many payment methods as possible.

Choosing a Partner

Merely accepting credit and debit cards isn’t enough to guarantee the maximum revenue gains possible with electronic payment options. Choosing an industry-leading payment processing partner with an established track record for service and innovation is an important consideration in accepting credit cards profitably.

For instance, some processing providers offer what appears to be low prices, but conceal a range of fees in the small print of your service agreement that inflate your costs and dilute your profitability.

Rather than taking a chance of getting locked into a long-term contract with a fly-by-night payment processor, successful merchants should instead partner with established industry leaders such as First Data Independent Sales Card Processing. FDIS Card Processing has long offered some of the most flexible credit acceptance options available, enabling merchants of all sizes to accept nearly every payment option including MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, and Discover® Network, along with PIN-secured and signature debit, gift cards, checks, wireless and e-Commerce processing solutions.

When you are evaluating the wide range of available options for accepting credit and debit cards, consider the many benefits electronic payment processing can provide your business and your customers:

  • Higher revenue – Credit card customers spend more, on average, than cash customers, and usually have larger average transactions
  • Customer satisfaction – Customers want the option of using their preferred method of payment
  • Faster checkout – Electronic payments are quicker and more accurate than checks, with less room for error
  • State of the art security – PCI compliance helps reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and expensive chargebacks
  • Prompt payment to you – No waiting for deposits to clear
  • Online payments – e-Commerce could be a distinctive competitive advantage to you

FDIS Card Processing is a market leader in delivering tailored payment processing options that can help increase your sales, improve your bottom line and boost customer loyalty. FDIS Card Processing services also include the behind-the-scenes infrastructure, technology, processing services, customer support, clearing and settlement functions online and real-world merchants need to succeed, all at a very competitive rate.

FDIS Card Processing delivers exceptional efficiency, value and results to merchants of all sizes. This industry-leading experience and expertise, coupled with a powerful and flexible processing system, creates end-to-end card payment acceptance solutions for every stage of your customer lifecycle. And, of course, FDIS Card Processing delivers premiere customer service by phone around the clock.