Introducing Ignite Payments

Ignite Payments has unveiled a rebranding, complete with a new name: Ignite Payments. Ignite Payments is still a wholly owned subsidiary of First Data, but it will introduce a flexibility to its agents that has heretofore not been implemented. It is evidence of our efforts to keep up with the ever-changing credit card processing industry.

First Data chose the name “Ignite” because it sends out a strong signal that communicates just what the company stands for. When the word is heard, people tend to think of heat, fire, combustion and light. This is the kind of image Ignite Payments wants to put forth to merchants.

Along with the name change comes a new beginning for the company; one that is intended to take them to the next tier of success in the world of credit card processing.

The introduction of the new name “Ignite Payments” offers a winning combination for merchants. They will continue to receive the full support of First Data and all they have to offer, but they will also be benefit from their agent’s ability to implement their individual strengths and styles. It is this new diversity that is designed to create a resilience that will also result in a more responsive organization.