Merchant Club

At Ignite Payments we’re all about your success. That’s why we created the Merchant Club – to give you even more ways to build your business. Our comprehensive program includes valuable tools, money-saving deals and innovative ideas to open up new opportunities. It can help you cut costs on everything from payroll services to supplies, and we are continually expanding our partnerships to bring you savings. Our exclusive Merchant Club goes the distance to truly help you manage your business, save money, reach new customers and increase sales. You won’t ?nd another program that o?ers you as much value – and it’s available exclusively to Ignite Payments merchants.

Membership offers the following benefits:

Equipment Swap:

Replacement of the point-of-sale terminal and printer equipment, provided such service is necessitated by product failure during normal business usage.
Pre-paid three-business-day shipping.


Selected Free Supplies:

The following supplies are at no charge:

12 rolls of paper per month
4 ribbons per year
400 sales drafts per month
2 imprinter plates per year
Additional supplies (including ink cartridges) purchased from Ignite Payments may be ordered at a 20% discount o? the regular purchase price.

Partner Service Discounts:

Benefit from our Partnerships that bring you special savings and exclusive discounts on all kinds of premier business services that help support your business like Payroll processing from ADP and 401(k), Insurance and HR solutions from TAG Resources.

Call or email us for current pricing and promotional offers.