Benefits of Offering Credit Card Options for Business Merchant Accounts

Simple, Reliable and Affordable Business to Business Payment Processing Services

online business merchant accountsThese days business owners are starting to use their business credit cards to help pay for goods and services, rather than dealing with the administrative costs of sending checks. What does that mean for you as a business merchant? If you don’t start accepting credit cards, then these businesses will likely start purchasing from a competitor that does have online business merchant account capabilities.

While you might think that accepting credit cards is probably more expensive than being paid by check, you may want to reconsider. The typical merchant business receives check payments 45 to 90 days after the goods or services have been provided. There’s a pretty good chance that the administrative costs of receiving and depositing these checks is actually higher than a merchant account for online business would be.

Once you make the decision to accept credit card payments from your business merchant account customers, you will need to somehow communicate the card information for processing. There are two options: a credit card machine or a Virtual Terminal.

To support new merchant account online business, we offer the following credit card terminals for purchase or lease, which support basic credit and debit card acceptance, to more advanced features such as electronic check acceptance, gift cards and multi-merchant capabilities:

If you have an existing credit card machine that you are happy with, you can keep it and we will reprogram it for you remotely at no charge.

A merchant account for business use can also be managed by a Virtual Terminal, the online equivalent of the credit card machines you see in retail stores. This business merchant software allows you to receive authorizations and settlements of credit or debit card payments. The following Virtual Terminals can be used to process keyed card payments from any Internet-connected PC or Mac with an attached card reader:

An online bill presentment and payment solution allows you to email invoices to your customers and receive payments via the Internet–all without a website or expensive accounting software:

Not sure what you need? That’s okay. Contact us today to go over your options and set up an online business merchant account that works for you.

Simple, Reliable and Affordable Business to Business Payment Processing Services