Online Bill Payment Solution

ePNBillPay by eProcessingNetwork (ePN) allows you to manage your accounts receivable, email invoices to customers, and receive electronic payments – all without a web site or expensive accounting software!

Merchant Benefits

    • Eliminate expensive invoice management systems
    • Reduce invoicing costs by avoiding paper invoices
      • No need to print, address, and stamp envelopes
    • Receive customer payments faster
    • Decrease “Bad Check” expenses and late payments
    • Automate inventory management with ePNInventory

    • Securely store all data on ePN’s PCI compliant gateway


  • Create and Manage invoices through ePN’s Merchant Support Center
  • Set due dates, manage product, and record PO numbers
  • Customize invoices with merchant’s own logo
  • Email all or selected invoices to customers
  • Receive instant notification when an invoice has been paid




Setup fee without Quickbooks Integration $0.00

Setup fee with Quickbooks Integration $65

Transaction fee (1 – 250 per month) $0.00

Transaction fee (250+ per month) $0.10

Monthly fee $40