First Data™ FD-10C PIN Pad

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First Data™ FD-10C PIN Pad

The First Data™ FD-10C PIN pad with integrated card reader allows merchants to take advantage of the growing consumer preference for Personal Identification Number (PIN) based debit payments. Consumers can initiate and process their own transaction without giving up physical custody of the debit card. The FD-10C PIN pad adds a layer of security and confidence to the customer’s buying experience. Paired with a First Data™ point-of-sale (POS) terminal, it is the ideal choice for today’s debit-enabled retail environment.

The First Data FD-10C PIN Pad

  • Complies with the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN Entry Device (PED) requirements for security and fraud protection
  • Delivers high performance at an affordable price
  • Accepts all PIN-secured payments at the POS
  • Offers superior reliability through a rugged design
  • Complies with the latest PIN entry specifications, including:
  • Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) certification
  • Master Session
  • Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT)
  • Is easy to use with large, hard rubber keys

The FD-10C PIN pad was designed with the consumer in mind and includes an integrated magnetic stripe reader, plus large, simple to use keys and an easy-to-read display in a hand-held configuration. The raised key design also enables a visually impaired customer to input the PIN and process the transaction. Hard rubber keys and rugged construction make it ideal for high-traffic POS applications.

  • Ultrasonically sealed case and secure microprocessor for the highest security possible
  • PCI-PED approved device
  • Supertwist Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) readout improves readability under all lighting conditions, including bright daylight
  •  Compatibility with First Data POS systems for acceptance of PIN-based payments
  • Audible beep for each input to tell the customer when a key has been successfully processed
  • Dual-line, 16-character display eliminates scrolling
  • Large, well-spaced keys reduce customer error and re-keying

Buy New First Data™ FD-10C PIN pad with integrated card reader and USB cable: $135.00

Lease New First Data™ FD-10C PIN pad with integrated card reader and USB cable: $5.99 per month for 36 months

Note: Can only be purchased in conjunction with a First Data™ point-of-sale (POS) terminal.