First Data™ FD-30 PIN PAD

The Merchant Account Guru - FD-30 - ProductsThe Challenge

Concerned over security and pressed for time, a growing number of consumers want to stay in control of their card during payment transactions. In addition, contactless payment methods are on the rise, with merchants at the center of this emerging trend.
 To meet consumer demand, they need the ability to allow multiple types of cardholder-initiated payment transactions at point of sale.

The Solution

The FD-30 PIN pad supports PIN-based debit transactions, traditional card swipes and contactless tap-and-go transactions, allowing merchants to offer their customers the full range of cardholder-initiated payment technologies. With the FD-30, customers can safely and easily initiate and process their own transaction, remaining in control of their cards as they complete their purchases.

Multiple Layers of Security

All our FD terminals provide layers of security to protect you and your customers. The First Data TransArmor® solution is an innovation that encrypts and tokenizes the card data, rendering it useless to a would-be criminal. In addition, our Dynamic PAN feature creates a unique, single-use card number for use in contactless or mobile transactions. For example, debit customers making contactless purchases using their STAR card are protected by an embedded chip that creates the one-time card number that is passed to the merchant terminal.

Designed for speed and convenience, the FD-30 combines contactless reader technology, a traditional magnetic-stripe reader and a PIN pad in one compact unit. The device is able to accept PIN-secured and signature debit cards, credit cards (including Visa®, MasterCard®/Diners Club®, Discover®, American Express® and JCB®), EBT, gift cards and a wide variety of contactless cards, key fobs and mobile payment supported devices.

User-friendly features include an ergonomic keypad, visual display prompts, lights and audio cues, which simplify the payment process to reduce checkout times. It’s an ideal payment solution for merchants who handle a high volume of small-ticket transactions.

Help Your Business

  • Speed up transactions
  • Process more purchases in high-volume merchant environments
  • Win repeat business by offering fast, convenient and secure self-payment methods
  • Increase store traffic through reduced checkout times
  • Position yourself as a market leader providing cutting-edge transaction technology

Help Your Customer

  • Feel secure and in control of the payment process
  • Make fast transactions, using the payment method of their choice
  • Stay informed throughout the payment process through easy-to-follow visual and audio prompts
  • Spend less time waiting in line
  • Accepts all credit, debit and gift contactless cards, key fobs and other form factors including POS- enabled mobile devices
  • Accepts traditional magnetic-stripe cards
  • PCI-PED approved device
  • Protected by advanced technologies, including the First Data TransArmor® solution and Dynamic PAN, which includes STAR CertiFlashTM for contactless transactions via the STAR Network
  • Field-upgradable to accept new payment types and enhancements as they become available
  • Easy USB and RS232 connectivity to First Data- certified terminals
  • Does not require a separate power supply
  • Interactive payment process with lights and audio cue