First Data™ Restaurant Solution

The Merchant Account Guru - Restaurant Solutions - ProductsMaximizes efficiency and profit-building potential for small and independently owned restaurants.

Streamline Your Restaurant Business

The First Data™ Restaurant Solution replaces your cash register and payment terminal with one easy-to-use system that lets you manage every aspect of your business. By combining a high-performance integrated computer system and specialized software with advanced payment processing, you’ll gain efficiencies and maximize profit-building potential.

Your customers will have the option of paying by Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® or Diners Club International®. In addition, they may settle their bill using a PIN or contactless debit card (FD-30 PIN pad purchase required) or gift card.

With the First Data™ Restaurant Solution, you will:

  • Process guest checks, track tips and turn tables faster
  • Boost sales with discounts, special meal combos and other promotions
  • Improve security and prevent loss
  • Eliminate paper-based tracking and other administrative tasks
  • Automated menu management—Easily create, revise and customize menus or pricing. A new feature allows you to design your own customer loyalty program.
  • Automated order management and accuracy—From printed kitchen tickets to add-ons and guest checks. Automatically generates separate checks or splits menu items among checks.
  • Track sales and ordering patterns—With specific menu-item data, you’ll be equipped to make smarter purchasing and menu-planning decisions.
  • Automated employee management and compensation— Keeps track as employees move from job function to job function, allowing you to run accurate end-of-shift reports and settle up with each worker.
  • Enhanced security—By defining security levels for each employee, you’ll reduce theft and shrinkage while empowering your best employees.
  • Intelligent data—Choose from 70 different reports that give you real-time insight into sales activity, employee performance, payroll and more.

Simple, Dependable Operation

  • Easy setup and full installation support— It’s easy to configure the system’s features to meet your specific needs, and initial menu setup is included.
  • No monthly maintenance fees—Includes a four-year warranty and customer service support.
  • Reliable components—Touch-screen CPU, designed for the restaurant environment, means no worries about spills.
  • Intuitive operation—All functions are easy to find and use, with multiple ways to complete tasks. Fewer touches mean more time to serve customers.
  • Efficient guest-check management—The system’s customer database empowers servers to recognize regular diners and their preferences and pre-authorize credit cards for open tabs.

The All-in-One Restaurant Management System

  • The First Data™ Restaurant Solution includes all the hardware and software you need to manage every aspect of your business.
  • High-performance integrated computer powered by an Intel® processor, preloaded with a specialized software package featuring Microsoft Windows® technology
  • 15″ LCD touch-screen monitor
  • Magnetic-stripe reader
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Kitchen printer
  • Lockable cash drawer



New First Data™ Restaurant Solution with 3 year warranty and Merchant Account: $176 per month for 36 months

New First Data™ Restaurant Solution with 3 year warranty and Merchant Account: $175 per month for 48 months