Google Wallet


The mobile revolution continues to grow exponentially. Millions of Americans no longer need their leather wallets with Google Wallet—a mobile app that securely stores credit cards, offers, gift cards and more on your mobile phone. This virtual wallet is changing the face of commerce by enabling customers to simply make “tap and go” payments with their mobile devices, while increasing loyalty at your merchant locations.

Google, First Data, Citi and MasterCard® brought this latest innovation in commerce to life, and all partners continue to invest heavily for its success. With mobile contactless transactions expected to top 2.2 billion in 2011 and with enhanced functionality on Google Wallet to come (virtual coupons, receipts, tickets, and more), consumers may never go back to traditional payments.

First Data Advantages

First Data powers key parts of Google Wallet. Our Trusted Service Manager (TSM) provides the technology and infrastructure to connect payment cards into Google Wallet. It can easily put your loyalty accounts into this virtual wallet. Built as a service, TSM from First Data is scalable, cost-effective and allows you to integrate once and deploy loyalty accounts multiple times to other virtual wallets.

We also lead the charge on driving the adoption of contactless acceptance, especially with small merchants. You can accept Google Wallet payments using our FD-20 or FD-30 contactless readers. Both options easily integrate into your existing First Data terminal systems.

You can even extend offers to shoppers via Google Wallet that will drive more traffic to your store and increase sales. Customers can also use the Google Prepaid Card, powered by Money Network, which will be in the Google Wallet by default.

Today, your customers have more choice and payment convenience. Google Wallet appeals to higher income, higher spending “early adopter” customers, and younger consumers who do everything mobile and will become tomorrow’s high earners. Shoppers no longer have to fumble with cards, cash and coupons, instead they can use a single payment device—their mobile phone. Now is the time for merchants to go mobile. Soon, Google Wallet will allow merchants to participate even more in the benefits of mobile commerce.

Key components

  • PIN, Secure Chip and Phone Screen Lock for better security than cards
  • Rewards solutions to provide valuable rewards to your best customers
  • Google Wallet Platform—on top of which we can help you build differentiated solutions
  • Accepted by the FD-30 contactless reader to securely process Google Wallet using PayPass®

When you accept Google Wallet in-store, you can:

Better serve your customers

Instead of fumbling for cards, cash, and coupons, your customers can simply pay with the tap of their phones.

Drive more traffic with offers

Push offers to customers who are actively searching for your products in your area. Customers can save your offers with Google Wallet, then redeem them in-store—enabling you to analyze online marketing against in-store purchases.

Retain more customers

Customers can store loyalty cards on their phones. You can partner with Google to boost participation in your existing loyalty programs, or build new, targeted, and effective loyalty initiatives (available to select merchants).

Using Google Wallet in your store is easy for your customers:

  1. Google-Wallet-checkout-symbolsCustomers will look for these symbols at checkout. (at right)
  2. Customers tap their phone on the reader to pay you quickly and securely, to redeem offers and to earn rewards.
  3. You get paid the same way you currently settle credit card charges.
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Google Wallet is currently being offered to merchants in select cities and zip codes. Please CLICK HERE to check if your business is in one of those areas.
FD-30 PIN Pad/Contactless Reader – $199.00